Company Information

Company Information

Welcome to Hanilkiup CO. the solution to your Press & NCT precision metal stamping and Fiber Laser Cutting fabrication needs.

Hanilkiup CO. is a custom design and fabrication company that focuses on various industrial, commercial, scientific, aerospace, and medical applications.

Hanilkiup CO.’s inhouse machining capabilities provide our customer with a total solution for their product needs. Our signature product line is metal shield cover, case, chassis and bracket used for electronic appliance by OEM customers.

Serving our clients worldwide since 1978, Hanilkiup CO. strives to supply the highest quality custom precision metal fabrication. We have developed a strong team of well trained employees whom have perfected innovative production techniques, and who continue to look to the future to meet our customers needs for precision, service and product reliability.

Hanilkiup CO. has served the electronic, automobile, medical and semiconductor industries for over 40 years. We fabricate custom products such as:

  • Display Monitor
  • Sound System
  • Electronics